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Feeling a little overwhelmed? Here's to a luxurious bath.

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After a full on long day/short or any kind of day really, there is always an excuse to have a good soak in a luxurious bath. The wonderful thing about a bath is that you can make it as pampered as you like at any price.

For the bath above, I went for a slightly more expensive Laura Mercier - Body & Bath, Creme Brulee

honey bath for the 'bubbles'. This smells absolutely incredible. You only need a couple of wicks and the water as well as your bathroom fills with such a gorgeous fragrance.

Another beautifully smelling Gel is the Radox ' Donut mind if I do'. As you can guess, it smells of donuts, but not as strong as you think. It's subtle enough to not be overpowering but strong enough to leave you smelling sweet.

Firstly, Find your soak

“I'm sure there are things that can't be cured by a good bath but I can't think of one.” - Sylvia Plath

The first addition to your bath should be your favourite soak/gel/salts/bath bombs.

Depending on your day, skin or fragrance preference. When it comes to setting up your bath, you can go as extravagant or as subtle as you like. Sometimes I like a bath full of all the glitter and gold and other times a good simple soak is more than enough.

As noted above, with your creme/gel/soak, you can go as high-end or as high-street as you like. You can also have an array of scents from black pepper and ginseng to almond and coconut milk. Radox has an incredible range of different gels and soaks in all different scents depending on what you want for your body (and nose hehe).

Bath salts are another wonderful addition, they too can be bought for different needs. Adding additional magnesium to your routine or a simple cleanse. My favourite brand for bath salts is Westlab.

Their pouches are affordable, come in great sizes and they have a good selection for every skin-type/requirements. All of which are 100% natural!

Last but not least, a cute little bath bomb would not go amiss. You can get some insanely cute ones from lots of places. Want to add glitter to you bath? CHECK! Want to make your bath look like a rainbow? CHECK! Want your bath to smell like cotton candy? CHECK!

Secondly, Want to add a tad more ambience?

CANDLES! I love me a candle lit bubble bath. Turn the lights off, light a couple of candles, open your favourite book/magazine and let the day you just had, float away from your body and into the tiny bubbles. These bubbles then pop, releasing all the unwanted energy you gathered throughout the day. (or so I'd like to think)

Now for a scrub-a-dub-dub.

Once you've had a good soak in your gorgeous bath, its now time for an invigorating exfoliation session (Not as weird as it sounds).

There are multiple ways you can exfoliate your skin. With a product like 'frosting' which is has little tiny exfoliating beads within it. Coffee scrubs, these are perfect for coffee lovers, made from actual coffee!

Exfoliating cubes as you can see above, these are similar to the frosting but come in a more compact accessible cube for ease of use. I got the two cute little tubs from a little shop in Covent Garden Market.

Another alternative is a dry brush, these can be a little rough but oh so good! As the name would suggest... you brush your skin when it is dry, this helps to loosen the dry skin from your body (great for your legs before a shave and fake tan!). If this is a little too coarse for you, you can always add a dash of your favourite shower gel before rubbing against your skin.

Add to top it all off!

If you're feeling in the need for a final little bit of a pamper to add to your bath routine... your go to moisturiser/cream is a must! This is especially great if you exfoliated earlier in your bath. It helps your skin to retain all the moisture and for you to look that little bit more radiant.


Whether you do all the steps above or just one. I hope that your bath brought you all the solutions you wished for when you first run the tap. If you're in the bath while reading this.. can we be friends?

On a serious note, whether you wish to spend a little or a lot on your bath products, please know that you can have a pampered, relaxing and fulfilling bath no matter what. For me, it is one of my favourite past times, especially when I am that little bit more stressed.

What are your go to products? Let me know in the comments below :)


Laura Mercier Honey Bath -

(This isn't the exact one I used in this post, however I do also own this one and I can say it smells just as delicious)

Radox Collection -

Frank Body Coffee Scrub -

Dry Body Brush -

Radox Muscle Therapy -

Westlab Bath Salts -

Diptyque Candle -

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream -

This is my go to cream, it smells like summer/hot holidays and just makes me feel sooo pampered, girly and like I've got my sh*t together.


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