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Hesitant about Crystals? Here's why you shouldn't be.

Are you new to crystals? Ever wondered what crystals you should get? Hesitant to whether they'll help or hinder? Read on below to learn a little more.

Above are my four crystal bracelets that I wear almost everyday. Lepidolite surrounded by lava stone, a colourful range of fluorite, a string of different crystals and last but not least rose quartz.

Their meanings and properties

Lepidolite - Nuturing, calming, overcoming issues with emotion, anxiety and sleep.
Fluorite - Calming, intuition, protection and wisdom.
Rose Quartz - Love, compassion, forgiveness, calm, support and surrender.

All crystals have their own meaning, properties and often list healing powers.

Where do you start?

I believe it is best to shop for your first ever crystals in person. This way, you can feel their vibrations and attractions to you personally plus it's always nice to judge the sizes and notice all the different little accents each natural crystal has.

How to 'choose' a crystal...

“You dont chose your crystals, they choose you."

Some may think it is a little over the top but I like to fully scan the crystal shops I go into. I like to take my time and ensure that I take in all of the crystals and other gifts in the boutiques. This enables you to take in all their beauty.

If there is a crystal that either sticks out/talks to me and I can afford it, I will buy it. It does not necessarily have to fit my current requirements (most crystal shops will have a little card along side to inform you of their name and their healing properties). I believe that if I have been attracted to/by a crystal, I need it in my life for one reason or another.

You can also select crystals by reading what each type's healing properties and attractions are. I find this useful if I know I'm struggling in a certain area of my life. Say I'm feeling more anxious than usual and I want a little bit of extra help, I may go into a shop and realise I do not have any Black Tourmaline in my collection currently and so this would be a suitable addition.

Crystal sizes

One of the lovely things about natural stones is that you can get them in all different sizes. This is handy if you wish to have them displayed/with you in different places. You can have them on your bed side table, on your desk at work, in your bag or more specifically in your purse/wallet.

This is another reason why I like shopping in person because I can choose the size (usually the biggest one for the same price #sneaky)

Crystals can be bought in all sorts of different shapes too. Some can come in wands, bowls, balls, hearts, plates, animals as well as your 'traditional' rough and tumbled stones.

I have crystals in different sizes for different reasons, for example I have Rainbow Moonstone necklace as I wish for it to help me with strengthening my intuition and psychic perception wherever I am but I also have this crystal in the shape of a ball by my bedside for when I'm asleep.

I also have two pieces of Selenite in different shapes. I have a large heart that I was gifted for purifying, harmonising and calming. However I also have it in the shape of a disc/plate as Selenite cleanses and charges other crystals.


Thank you for reading my first post. Much Love.

If you have any questions about crystals or wish to have a little chat, don't hesitate to contact me.

Love Em xx


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