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Here's how to boss productivity this week!

Been struggling with your productivity recently? Let's absolutely boss this week with these ultimate tips. Continue reading for some little nudges to help get you started. Have some great tips of your own? Comment below!

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Above are just a couple of examples that help with my productivity when it comes to writing my posts. To be productive however, you do not need to spend money on physical items. It is in fact mostly a mindset.

Metallic Bookmark -

This little cutie was a great addition to my notebook.

Memo pads (The ones I have are unavailable so I found the nearest thing) -

You can never have too many different sets of memos!

PaperMate Flair Pens -

Their colours are so vibrant and gorgeous. The pens are beautiful to write with too.

Write it down

“Lists are a form of power.” - A.S. Byatt

First things first, write it all down! Memo pads, a notebook, piece of paper or even your phone. Whatever your preferred note taking method is or closest to you when you have have those all important thoughts.

I find that writing down your thoughts/to do's is more powerful than you think. You may tend to keep mental notes like I did, but getting those musings 'down on paper' does a world of wonders.

Be it big or small, write down everything you need to do, brush your teeth? Noted! Make your bed? Noted! Need to finish that letter? Noted! Need/want to make an instagram post? Note it down!

Once you have been able to write all your to do's down, you make a lot more space in your mind to think a little deeper about how you wish to complete them.

If you need to, write all your to do's out again. Maybe this time in categories? In the order you would like to do them of that day/week/month? A lot of people also like to apply time stamps to their notes. This is not only helpful to understand how much you can do in the day/week/month but also gives yourself a cut off point.

Which task should you start first?

One of the first tips people give to start tasks on a list is to start with the hardest. This is a great tip as it gets the most dreaded task out of the way first, however I must stress, please do not dwell on this if the task still seems hard to manage after giving it a good tackle (don't laugh...)

Sometimes these tasks require a different approach. This is absolutely fine. You have got through this before, think how you approached difficult moments in your life and how you broke them down into different chunks. If you need to, make another list about this particular task and break it into sections.

If you're really stuck but still wish to get things done, proceed with all the little tasks you've been meaning to do. Even if you get just one of these done that day/week/month you must consider this a win. A task completed from your list, no matter how 'small' is one off the list! Even if it is brushing your teeth (trust me... that's been one...)

Set Boundaries

On the back of the above, it is smart to set boundaries. You can do this by task or time stamps (hours or days). Different people have different boundaries and limits, please do not compare yourself to others, only 'compare' against what you believe you are capable of in yourself. Even then, be kind to yourself!. Some days you might be able to complete all your list, sometimes you may only be able to complete one or two tasks. Appreciate your capability every day, each day is a new one, approach your tasks like this too.

Take time out and think smartly before the ultimate break of the day

Remember to take breaks, as always, think smartly and do what's best for you. If you're in the best mood and are having a lucky streak and you don't feel burnt out... keep going! If you feel like you could crawl back into bed... it may be time for a little breather...

One of the best tips I can give you, is to have a little think about what you're going to do the night before. Only a little one though... do not over think it, just take a look at your list and have a few ideas ready for the morning on how you will kick those task's ass' the following day!


As always, I hope that this has helped you with even one tip. Thats all that matters, you learn or remember one thing that makes your day easier and more productive? You're already winning!

Love Em xx


© 2023 by Eirene and Eudaimon

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