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6 times my Apple watch has made my life that little bit easier.

When deciding on whether to buy an Apple watch, it was more of an impulse buy because the new one had come out at that time and I was looking for an alternative to my traditional watch.

Soon after buying it, I noticed that it actually helped me to be at more ease with certain tasks in my life.

This post lists those exact reasons incase you are on the fence about buying one or already own one but don't use it as often as you wish.


One of the main reasons most people probably buy an Apple Watch is for the notifications. For someone like myself who likes to make sure they are up to date with everything and ensure everything is okay (so my anxiety isn't so off the roof) the watch is perfect for this.

The best two times the notifications are :

  1. When your phone is in your bag or pocket for security reasons

  2. When you are at work and your phone is away or at your desk

(1) Phone is 'hidden'

Sometimes there are times where your phone needs to be hidden. Whether it simply be placed in your pocket or more secure in your bag. The watch allows you to view any messages or incoming phone calls at a glance, you can then decide whether you need to get your phone out or not.

I find this perfect for when I travel to London. I don't like to have my phone out all the time incase of dropping or losing it, so it is perfect to keep updated and help me get around whilst still protecting my phone.

(2) Sneaky updates at work

Depending on what job you have, you may not always be able to carry or have your phone with you. In my case, I work at a desk and so I can have it next to me for whenever I need it for work and/or music.

However there are times I may be in the warehouse packing. As noted before, my watch will give me a notification if anyone contacts me. This is extremely helpful if I am awaiting a call back for a doctors appointment (we know how hard those buggers are to get...)

Fitness Tracker

Another well known reason for buying an apple watch is for its fitness tracker. With newer IOS updates, there are more and more activities being added that you can track. I personally use indoor and outdoor walk as well as the functional strength training.As like some, I have put on some weight over lockdown/quarantine. My watch has been perfect for helping me get back on track.

(3) Move Goal

First off the move goal is a nice little goal to try and achieve every day. This allows you to ensure that you get on your feet throughout the day, whether it be walking around the warehouse/office or doing house work. It may be a little silly, but fulfilling this goal (although you can adjust it) is a nice little addition to your day, knowing that you've burned a few extra calories while carrying out your day.

(4) Heart Rate

The heart rate monitor is not only helpful for general health, it works well alongside the fitness tracker when doing things like supersets. Being able to watch your heart rate while working out enables you to work out sufficiently and in a healthy way.


One of the things I didn't think of when buying my apple watch was that it would be incredibly useful for is its Maps...

(5) Walking

Linking back to when your phone is in your bag in big places like London, the Maps app comes to hand (no pun intended) when navigating the streets. The app on the watch is adapted to show a clearer, more simpler view of the paths and walkways around you. And again, being able to have your phone secured but be able to go about your day normally is a massive bonus for a stress head like myself.

(6) Driving

I don't know about you but when driving in a new place, especially if on my own, I can get incredibly anxious about listening to directions. The watch has a lovely advantage which means that it provides you with a little notification (audio and/or vibration) a few seconds before your car/phone does. This to me is a little heads up that an instruction is about to be given so get ready to 'react'. This may sound a little silly and could be a deterant/distraction to some, but to me, it puts me at great ease that I will not suddenly receive an instruction and have to quickly count my exits #beentheredonethat

Do you have any tips/hacks you love for the Apple watch (Or any other Apple product)?

Comment below, I'd love to hear from you and what tech makes your life that little bit easier.


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